LoRa e5 Custom firmware not working with 500Khz Bandwidth

I’m currently developing a custom firmware for the lora e5 module, I am able to send and receive messages between a module with custom firmware and a module with the factory firmware, the one with the AT commands, This can be done in test mode with the following configuration
frequency = 915Mhz sf = SF12
bandwidth = 125Khz
tx_preamble = 8
rx_preamble = 8
tx_power = 20
crc = ON
iq = OFF
net = OFF

However if I set the bandwidth to 500Khz I cannot communicate the devices. My custom firmware is very similar to the implementation used in the RTOS AT example at GitHub - Seeed-Studio/LoRaWan-E5-Node: Applications on LoRa-E5 mini/ LoRa-E5 Development Kit with v1.1.0 STM32Cube MCU Package for STM32WL series(SDK) And I have confirmed with an spectrum analyzer that both devices tx signals are centered at the same frequency and uses the same bandwidth what could be that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!