LoRa E5 AT+MSG receive data

In LoRa E5 AT command manual, there is no example of receiving a message.

My expectation is that on AT+MSG or AT+MSGHEX there should be an example with some bytes being received from the network.

May you provide such here or in the guide.

Not sure to understand properly your question but Lora E5 will output automatically on serial port strings received in Lora (if receiving module has compatible configuration with the emitter :wink:

Well maybe. I am just pointing out that in the AT command guide of the modem there is no example or potential output to show that.

If LoRa E5 module will receive data when you send TX data with command AT+MSG, it will give you response +MSG: PORT: 8; RX: “RX data” .

See “return message” at 4.5 MSG in “AT Command specification”.

Hi I’m new to LoRa! Do you have an idea of why when I send AT+MSG = “Hello World!” I get a “+MSG: Length error 5”? What are the limitations to send data using AT commands? Can other type of data be sent once the LoRa E5 is programmed instead?