LoRa-E5 AT commands?

I have purchased some LoRa-E5 modules and have some questions:

  1. Can the AT commands that come pre-programmed on the module be accessed by an application that gets downloaded to the device and lives concurrently on the device with the pre-programmed FW? …or do you need an external processor/application to send commands over the UART on the module??

  2. If #1 is possible with a concurrent application how do you load the application without clearing the RPD bits which effectively erases the Seeed FW? I created a simple app in STM32CubeIDE for the STM32WLE5 part and it won’t flash to the board unless I use STM32CubeProgrammer and change the level of the RPD bits, but upon doing this I erase Seeed FW when I then flash my FW onto the board…


Regarding your first point I don’t think the module can run more than one program in same time unhappy :frowning: You either keep existing AT fw and connect through UART at an external processor like an ESP or anything else able to handle an UART connection or you erase AT fw and load your own program with STM32 framework :wink:

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