LoRa E5 and blinking Led

Hello, I a new with LoRaWan, and I want to check if my Leds are on or off in remote using LoRa E5 Dev Board. One request is to use tinygo to program it. My research are doing nothing. Someone can help ?

May you please give more details about what hardware you have and what you plan to do ? as it’s not really clear from your post :confused:

I want to switch on and off lights like you have in light pannel from MacDo for exemple.
To communicate in remote with these lights, I wanted to use LoRa E5 Dev Board from LoRa-E5 development kit (seed studio). Unfortunately, I am stucked to communicate with the device and I wanted to program it in TinyGo. Do you want to know something else ? Let me know…

oki so you plan to communicate straight between 2 x E5 (one on command side, one on remote side) or through a Lora Network ?
For E5 if you had read documentation a little you would have noticed it can be used in two ways:

  • either you keep original firmware in it and you use an external processor to communicate with in UART (easiest solution but less flexible)
  • either you erase original firmware (careful you can’t go back as Seeed is not supplying original firmware) and then you have to program the processor in it using STMicroElectronics Cube GUI to do that :wink:

Hello vincen, I bought a LoRa-E5 dev kit recently. I was able to communicate via AT commands as given in the user guide of Seeed website. However, I would like to know if I can flash any application code (Ex: simple blinky code) without using STM programmer (ST-link).


Currently, only SWD can be used to download programs, except for ST-LINK, U-LINK should be supported.

Does it mean there is no other method to flash the code without the ST-link/U-link programmer?


The MCU used in loRa E5 is STM32 series, I guess it is possible to use ISP (UART) to upload the program, but I have not verified it

ok Thanks. I shall try it and check.