LoRa-E5 add-on for Raspberry Pi Pico

One big surprise about the Raspberry Pi Pico is that it doesn’t feature any IoT connectivity.

Since we are in the Low Power environment, what better than a LoRa radio?

So the idea and the question are: Does Seeed consider a LoRa-E5 add-on for the Raspberry Pi Pico?

Arduino is working with the WiFi+BT board with the new raspberry pi silicon. and yeah LoRa addition is good one.

Yes, but WiFi isn’t especially Low Power, and Bluetooth rather difficult to tame.

Hence the call for LoRa.

I think seeed LoRa - E5 Dev board on the way! The Raspberry Pi Silicon is pretty new and if we are using right away, there will be a gap of dev tools and lib, or we need to develop all in the house to make it work.