Looking for Rainbowduino sketches

Im pretty new to all this, and just got a Rainbowduino and 8x8 RGB matrix.
Is there somewhere I can grab some example code, I just want some visual effects, if I had that I have a start point to try code something personal. Also I saw somewhere something about needing external limiting resistors-whats that all about? Or am I mistaken.

Hello ,
Do you look for this Rainbowduino3.0 Library for Arduino 1.0?


Hello there, first, which version of rainbowduino board do you have?
cause a 2.0 sketch will not work on a 3.0 board, and viceversa.
The limiting resistor is included on the rainbowduino board, and you can modify the value with a screw driver, here you can read about and see a picture of it.
seeedstudio.com/wiki/Rainbow … _ATmega328
there’s a table with the relation of the resistor value and the output current.
Hope you understand.
By the way, wich is your native lenguage?

hey , the rainbowduino v2 has shut down…and we are Chinese