Looking for information about GPIOS (on ODYSSEY STM32MP157C)

Hello everyone. Let’s see if I can explain what I want.

I am testing the ODYSSEY STM32MP157C board and we are interested in making a pcb to include the SOM in a future product.

Reading the documentation found in the wiki (link) it seems that there are no examples of use of the GPIOs without the Grove libraries, I would like to be able to use the gpios directly with C ++ (or python) code. Access the multiple interfaces that this board has (I2C, Serials, SPI, ADCs, PWM, etc …). And I’m not just talking about the GPIOs available on the evaluation board, my question is about all the GPIOs that the SOM has, since many can be used and are not exposed on the development board.

I would like to read something about it, for now I can not do anything with the gpios without more information.

Luis Ramón, Regards!