Looking for APP EUI and APP Key for SenseCap S2120

I am trying to connect this device to the Helium network, but can find the APP EUI or APP Key. For all my other devices this has been on a sticker with the device. I have bound the device to SenseCap mate and gone through the app and the web page - but cant see the information anywhere …?


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I have seen this?
DevEUI , AppEUI , and AppKey are auto generated by the Helium Console when you create a new device.

App Key
For LoRaWAN sensors, the App Key is on the sensor’s label. It can also be found by scanning the QR code on the back of the device packaging with a QR reader app
any good?
or this one,

Enter a name for your device. Device names do not have to be unique (as every device will be given a unique identifier generated by Console).

DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey are auto generated by the Helium Console when you create a new device.

However, you can input your own DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey if your device is already provisioned with these credentials.

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Hi - thanks for the message - it doesnt let you create a new device without the AppEUI and the AppKey, which kind of makes sense especially for the AppKey (since you would need to load it back into the device - a Helium generated AppKey (i assume)). You are correct that the key (and AppEUI) are usually on a sticker in the device - but for some reason not in this case. The attached in a combination of two

images of what i usually see and the one from the SenseCap S2101 - yes there is a ‘key’ but it is not an APpKey that helium is expecting (the format - structure is incorrect - Helium rejects it on trying to create the device). I have been through the app and desktop but cant find the information anywhere ----

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Ah’ I see , definitely different. and the QR code is not the same too? Yikes
strange one you got there?
Ok so I tried a scan and got this?


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I have worked out - with the help from another forum. When configuring the device via the app, you need to head into the advanced settings and select a different network, in this case Helium - at which point you are presented a Dev EUI, APP EUI and an APP KEY … all good…

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