Looking for a NANO DSO Programmer for hire.

I am looking to hire an experienced NANO DSO programmer. Anyone have any ideas where I can start looking?


It might help to tell a bit about your project, timeframe, and maybe even a bit about who they would be working for.

Would the resulting code be open sourced?

I do embedded programming, but don’t have experience with this system.

I am also kinda booked until sometime in May.


I dont know very much about the project (my boss had me post on this forum). What I do know is that he would like – A menu for preprogrammed setups, and maybe a sort of pop up menu to make changes to the setup.

We need this as soon as possible. Pricing is negotiable.

What exactly is it that you want?

  • do you want some software for the DSO nano that helps in setting up some other device?
    or what exactly will the setup be making changes to.

Sorry for not being specific.

I would like the to create custom pre-sets within the DSO nano unit.

I guess to sum it up:
I want to make changes to the user interface. Instead of adjusting the Time base settings or Voltage scale every time for every different test, I would prefer to select from a menu the type of test i will be doing. For example, if I wanted to test the voltage of an oxygen sensor on a car, I would simply go to my menu and select the oxygen sensor test. This would adjust my time base and voltage settings.

This would cut down on time when testing common components. Then if I need to fine tune the pre set. I would be able to adjust the scales as I want.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for your time.

Instead of multiple options on a menu why not just implement auto-scale (though it is more complex to implement)

Thank you very much for your input. I didnt think about doing an auto scale. That would work better down the road, but as you mentioned, it may be a little complex to implement for the time being.

For now, the pre set menu’s may work. Down the road I would definitly be interested in doing auto scaleing.

Thanks again!

Hi I am looking for some help.
I am trying to add a dac function and a uart function. I am willing to pay someone to add this to my source.
Of course this means that the typical 201 chip needs to me replaced.

Maybe you could post the task here?

We will promote such portal to more freelancers among our customer. Thanks!