Longer Groove Cable needed


I want some sensors to work outside, so I need a much longer cable (2 - 5m), but they are only available in max 50 cm length.

Can I Use other than the Groove cables? There are no other cables mentioned in the wiki: seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.p … uselang=en


Hello Micha, I have the same requirement but will use extra Wio Link Computers outside. Cable distances longer than 50 cms could pose a problem with voltage drop from the extra distance. For outside Wio Link computers I need to develop a weather protective box and battery with solar power.


Thanks Philip, ok, a solar charger might be a good idea for me as well.


You can simply cut the wire and solder a wire in between of the wished size. Just make sure you use some heatsshrink for insulation and weatherproofing.

I needed 2 meters cable so… my first idea is to make it easy… cut the originale grove cable and weld in the middle another cable (as Wio say) but the simpliest idea seems to be not so good.
The device will not work, I’ve tryed with different kind of cable, from the flat to the silicon shielded cable… no matter what kind of cable you use! still not work, every communication protocol that I try to use from the I2C to 1-wire still have bad final.
I start to think there’s some kind of magic in the groove cable! :open_mouth:
Maybe exist a valid reason because the max length of commercial cable is 50cm!
Do you have any experience about this?

As is said above , Cable distances longer than 50 cms could pose a problem with voltage drop from the extra distance. Especially when you using the I2C or other high speed interface! if you simply use the normal digital sensor with low speed, you can try soldering the wire by your self.Better use the wire with low resistance.

Seeed have option 20, 30, 40cm, seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove- … p-927.html.

I agree sheepjms, long cable have problem, specially I2C. refer to:http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/106265/maximum-i2c-bus-length

I’ve solved the problem! Now I can use upto 2.5mt of I2C and 1-Wire also… the problem (in my case) was that, using a grove shield (obviously), two digital I/O are coupled on the same cable and connector, so I’ve used the caution to use only one I/O per cable in the software.
Now can use both flat wire and silicon jacket twisted cable, the junction are welded and protected with a heat shrink tube.