Longan Nano Windows Unknown Device


I use two computers Windows10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Both with VS Code and PlatformIO + GD32V

On Ubuntu I compile blink example and load but error 74 appear.

According to some forum I used dfu-util from apt package.

Then after programming status was ok, no error reported.

But device even after manual reset did not blink - LED should be ok.

Demo softwar with multicolor blink from factory was running right

Zadig software did not listed this device, even with function ‘show all devices’

Is there any driver or way to have this device working today with Win10?

There is solution:

on this page https://gd32mcu.21ic.com/documents you should register to get account account and

download GD32 MCU Dfu Drivers_v1.0.1.2316\x64 (this version was present when I did)

Then extract and inside you can find GD32 MCU Dfu Drivers.exe