Long Range R and T interactions

I am working on a system that has three locations. Each location will have a TX and a Rec. Location A will transmit to B and C. Locations B and C will transmit to A. – Would like to use the Seeed WLS102B5B (433) long range modules. Locations A, B, and C will be a minimum of 50 feet apart. If at a given location, the TX and Rec. are located within a few inches of each other, will there be damage done to either one? While the TX is on at a given location, the receiver will not be monitored.
If I acquire three sets, will all three transmitters and receivers be tuned to the same frequency, and be able to communicate? Can they be tuned to each other if needed?
As I read the literature, it appears that output “VT” goes high upon receiving a signal. How soon does this happen if the RF is sent in pulses with no modulation? How repeatable is this time delay?
How similar is the WLS105B5B(315) to the above modules? I could not find information on the range for this system. If there is a problem with using the above modules (and having the same TX and Rec.) close together, would it work better if I mixed them and had a 315 MHz TX close to a 433 MHz unit?
Any better ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated.