LoNet soft power pin


I am developing a GSM/GPRS remote device that will be powered from a 3.7 lithium Ion battery. The major components are a 3.3volt Arduino pro mini and the LoNet breakout board. To save power I want to turn the LoNet off when it is not in use, so have been investigating the PWR soft power pin.

According to the wiki, if you take this pin HIGH for 2 seconds you can turn the board on or off (the RI pin provides the status of the module). I can turn the LoNet off using the PWR pin by taking it HIGH for 2 seconds, however, after aprrox 32 seconds the board comes back on by itself. I have checked the logic levels and my control pin stays low the whole time the unit is off. (low shows as approx 2.5millivolts on the pin).

Any ideas why the board keeps turning back on?



Okay, this is embarassing, I just worked out my mistake. I was reading the wiki for the LoNet - GSM/GPRS/GPS Breakout which uses a high signal to put turn the module on and off. I just discovered I have the LoNet 808 - Mini GSM/GPRS + GPS Breakout which uses an active low for 2 seconds to turn the module on and off. OOPS on my part :blush: