LoNet - GSM/GPRS/GPS Breakout - is there any Speaker out ?


on the wiki page of the LoNet breakout, i dont’really understand this sentence about microphone :

“Microphone: this is the reserved interface for 2.8V microphone. By using the microphone, you can make voice calls and collect speech data around the module.”

Reading the design schematics :
seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/ … ematic.pdf

I understand the MICIP and MICIN are connected to the SIMCOM808 module, however there seems to be no connection to SPKIP and SPKIN.

Does it mean there is no way to get a speaker output of a voice call from this breakout ?

(otherwise, i just tested sending sms and getting GPS info, and it works great)


hello David,

Could u help to get exact position with this device. i can get the latitude & longitude but it far away my location. please help me.



using the AT command to retrieve GPS info (I don’t remember the command yet),and once the GPS is fixed you should received this kind of reply from the module :


(I’ve just replaced my gps position/info with xxxxxx)

The problem is to understand how to parse of the gps info.

Just paste the complete response in the following website:


click parse and the GPS location is then decoded in the bottom of the website with a direct link to google maps

Good luck !

Anyone please? Does someone has a short code snippet showing the communication between Wifi bee and Stalker???