Logging my heart pulse rate on the cloud

Hello Seeedstudio fans,

I have used the heart rate ear-clip, a seeeduino mega adk and a grove shield to track my heart pulse rate on the cloud (through cosm, former pachube)

the feed on cosm: cosm.com/feeds/59362
more info and code: blog.buildinginternetofthings.co … osm-cloud/

Is it possible to add your blog link to our product page?


Sure, no problem! :slight_smile:

If it possible can you share more links and blog related to certain inventions and experiment carried out by you in past, it would be really good help for me to learn all these things…

Hi, thank you for your interest in my work! If you are specially interested in medical sensors you can have a look at my other blog here: http://medicarduino.net/(bit outdated, but with useful projects)

For more IoT stuff you can always check my blog and for more instant updates you can follow my twitter profile @BuildingIoT



Project also featured in Arduino blog: http://arduino.cc/blog/2012/05/23/portable-and-cloud-based-heart-rate-tracker/