Loading Benf 3.64 in 3.22A Nano V2 question

Has anyone figure out how to get the dfu loader to recognize the Ver3.22A firmware.
Seeed says that Ver 3.22A will not work with the loader used by Benf
Any ideas?
The PC recognizes the dso as being plugged in, but the dfu doesn’t see it out there.
Thanks, CZ

You could upgrate your DSO Nano with the attached files , it is Benf firmware in Hex file rearranged by a guy called Alf.
Upgrate method : directly copy the both of two .hex file into the virtual disk.

BenF364_LIB353.zip (49.6 KB)

:unamused: It’s you ! Fine , hope others could see this post , that will also be helpful for them .

Im confused lol

Deray says " directly copy the both of two .hex file " but i only see one file in the zip ?

Am i missing something ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but ive searched the forum for the answer but cant find it :blush:



The zip file (which you can also download from the wiki at seeedstudio.com/wiki/DSO_Nano_v3) contains both the APP and the LIB file.

Thanks but ive worked out what the prob was.
I only have winrar installed and once i installed 7zip i was able to extract the hex files from the Lib file.