Load BMP file contents onto the display


You continue to work small miracles with the Nano FW updates.

If there is enough Flash and RAM, the ability to load bmp files onto the display would open the door to adding PC created Nano SD files that could describe the other SD files present (a custom file listing description).

For example, Photoshop could be used to set the proper canvas/image size in pixels, and then text can be added to that canvas as required. This would create a custom list of available Nano SD card files for loading. Viewing of this file would allow the operator to easily identify filenames for REF files and CFG files for various frequent waveform analysis situations.

This should have it’s own FI pop-up menu load-file choice. The file must conform to your size and dimension requirements, and use your required file extension and SD card folder. Display of this file must not disturb the current menu & parameter displays.

In essence this would allow less skilled people to use the Nano easily and successfully. Users could share these files with others who have similar interests.

Bitmap files are large (120k for the waveform area) and so take time to load. Perhaps text based content would be a better option. With the font used on the Nano (8x14 pixels), the waveform area could hold 14 lines of 37 characters.

Others may want to comment on the usefulness of such a feature.

What focused me initially upon bmp was the possibility of embedding text upon IMG files with a PC editor so the IMG file could contain custom text relevant to that IMG file.

The text file sounds like a simpler approach to obtain an SD card file listing; I didn’t know that it was an option. Multiple text files could be used if required for longer listings.

If no one else finds this useful, then I will remove this topic.