🥳 Live Stream, Live Stream...TODAY! 10PM EST- 5/30/2024

It’s time for some Live streaming, from The Head-Seeed, :man_cook: The main MAN & CEO


Our Xiao family is about to welcome a new member, the XIAO ESP32-C6.

During the livestream, tune in for Special Discounts & Insight into LLM and GTC 2024
and FRank!

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Nordic New Update to SDk , Supports DFU and FOTA…
Can you imagine , Flash partition manager for two slots. One has the current code and the other has a second code, either update or completely different app. Able to reboot and load the other…
OTA on Steroids. :muscle: :man_beard:
check it,

Hay :speaking_head: Mr. SEEED CEO… we need a , LTE-M/NB-IoT Xiao NOW!!!
LoraWan is maxed out,Great for fixed local locations but Not Roaming. No new standards,and more, Look at this comment from a swiss guys very good video. with receipts :money_mouth_face:
As for the CAT-1bis, I've also recently had the opportunity to work with an ESP32-S3 board from Makerfabs that uses the SIMCOM7670 . This seems to offer CAT1bis (10Mbps download, 5Mbps upload). What is super cool about this is that it just worked with any local SIM Card and that it can degrade to 2G/3G if that is all that is available.
Nordic has the goods…Hit two in one, Freshen the Xiao to nrf54 Series and add IoT daughter board or why not use the bottom side for additional components? FCC maybe?
Anyone the wants a glimpse of where the big companies are going should watch this video and the Nordic ones. It’s IoT 24,7,365 :earth_americas: Global :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v:

My .02
GL :slight_smile: PJ

That’s really a good news.

Woo Hoo it’s TODAY!!! :stuck_out_tongue: tune in at 9pm.

Questions for The TOP DOG…
and NEW XIAO… :smiley:
I’m stoked, SEEED can lead the way in embedded AI and Vision, Have the BEST BLE platform, smallest most POWERFUL MCU line, The most power efficient for long battery life.

Tune in to Stay up to date on this Awesome company with fantastic employees that love this STuff :yum: :heart_eyes: :v:

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Im afraid i might miss it, i got a terable migrane headache… what da? I may have to watch the replay

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Yea, Just got my Prescription refilled , “ZOMIG”
I used to get them for a whole DAY, Light sensitivity, sound aversion, the whole nine, eventually I would hurl, :face_vomiting:Sorry.
Zomig changed all that, Sumatriptan works also but takes longer.
The scourge of migraine :face_with_head_bandage:. I have WAY less now too, maybe 1 a month or less for 2 -years now.
GL :slight_smile: PJ
God Speed, :v:

Ok get the Adult beverages or a libation of your choice ready. soon :hugs:

The Seeed Studio XIAO Series is a collection of thumb-sized, powerful microcontroller units (MCUs) tailor-made for space-conscious projects requiring high performance and wireless con- connectivity. Embodying the essence of popular hardware platforms such as ESP32, RP2040, nRF52840, and SAMD21, the Arduino-compatible XIAO series is the perfect toolset for you to embrace tiny machine learning (TinyML) on the Edge.

In this livestream, we will introduce our new product XIAO ESP32C6, which is a cost-effective MCU based on Espressif’s ESP32-C6.

● “Making Next Gadget” discuss with pioneer makers to build things upgrading our work and life.
● Upcoming waves: Matter and why it matters
● New parts: Xiao ESP32C6 and open roadmap
● New tools: prompt generated TinyML model with Yolo-world
● New gadget: OpenGlass/Friend/Pokeman

Join us on 30/5/2024!

Yae Man … It’s Libations and Salutations all around! and the magician​:man_mage: :magic_wand: behind the scenes Frank will be there too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

GL :slight_smile: PJ
See you there tomorrow. Win stuff or get a small discount… :money_mouth_face:
“AMA” get your list ready.

So much for HYPE’ing it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and I missed it… LOL fell asleep :sleeping: , from working hard all day in the HOT aZZ Florida Sun.
I watched the replay though, and was Glad to hear the focus is coming back to XIAO.
That’s Great news IMO. SEEED is very good at that and let the AI stuff marinate a while , as IMO it’s not there yet! A good DVR can do most of the Video stuff anyway.

AI ,Recording and uploading and training your own models is hit and miss… The documentation is a MIX of ubuntu & others with some stuff Windows only sprinkled in? NOT ready for Prime time or PJ’s Dollars :money_mouth_face: … so back to work on a IOT XIAO Please! The AI rabbit hole is full of curious tire kickers and the dev’s are sitting back getting paid for Chat GPT’s morsels.
I’m LOL at the pins on the bottom expansion, what a HOWL!!
C’mon man , you can’t even solder it easy on TV… LOL, what a circus. Someone wasn’t prepared IMO for that soldering Demo… I saw the iron resting on the Xiao, MMM warm!
Use the B2B connector on the Xiao ESP32S3 Sense. make everything with that, It’s too easy and you can add another Skew# for a XIAO S3 with the B2B on it. Loose the Camera, it’s a gimmick IMO. get’s hot and takes ok video, and sort of ok.(limited)
Users can order a 3D printed socket(or print their own) and add some Bent or Straight pins to get a solderless test fixture for ALL the Xiao sized offerings.(GPS,IO/expander, RBG LEDs, mwave board, etc) POGO pins are optional. I have posted a ton of videos and pics of them, to easy and almost no money. Your solution is going to come at a HIGH price (spring-pins) and is Giant footprint on my desk. :-1:
but like any great product, copies and clones will soon and are available form the usual suspects.
While others are busy trying to keep up, and in the Fruit Basket place they have a Newer Nordic offering (but it’s GianT) and the development setup is wack IMO(own bootloader, etc)

GET TO WORK on the NORDIC Nrf54 series XIAO and Leap-frog way ahead of everyone. IMO
The Nordic IOT LTE/4G is a GO! we need a connected XIAO NOW! Everyone else is doing the ESP WIFI standard BLE 5.0 Dance. EVERYONE offers cheap Espressif same old, same old. I’m not that impressed with ESP’s too many variants, all doing the same SCHTICK!..

Seed is a great company but even they can be stuck in the flow of what everyone else is doing and the market mediocrity. Time to set YOURSELF apart again, like back in the DAY!
Start Turning the SHIP now!

GL :slight_smile: PJ
Open for comments on the live stream.
Go. :v: