Little notice about seeedstudios 3,5mm->BNC adapter

Today I tried my 3,5mm -> BNC adapter that I bought with my nano and I can say that the quality of the 3,5mm connector is anything then good. I could not get good readings and when I unplugged it the top of it fell off and was stuck inside my nano :frowning: I managed to pull it out and its not possible to attach it to the rest of the connector again because it must have been pressed on by the factory. I unscrewd the connector and I got this little nice collection of parts :wink: Just a warning it is just crap. I will fix it myself with a new connector.

Thanks for the heads up. I purchased one as well. I havent used it yet but I think I may just swap the jack out with a better one.

Hi All. I got one of these adaptor plugs off eBay UK. It enables yoy to use standard scope probes with your NANO.
BNC to 3.5.jpeg

Thanks for the feedback! We will investigate from here.

I tried with a few in stock, they are OK there. We could send you a new cable if needed. Anybody else has met similar issue?


@solomonkane_uk, thanks for the suggestion, we will be sourcing for the converter and include them into stock.