LiPo Rider Pro Kit?

The LiPo Rider Pro Wiki states,

“The LiPo Rider Pro can be purchased as a separate board or as a kit (LiPo Rider Pro + Lithium Battery + Solar Panel) from Seeed Studio”.

I have looked everywhere on you site to find this kit, without luck. I was trying to see what size solar panel you were selling with the kit verse the battery size. Is there a chart you would recommend that pairs these items up?



Sorry , we do not sell the LiPo Rider Pro Kit ,and this will be a good idea .thanks your suggestion.
(LiPo Rider Pro + Lithium Battery + Solar Panel) all the size of battery and solare panel we sold can be paired .


That is what it says at the LiPo Rider Pro wiki, so I cannot take credit for any suggestions … that said, is there a chart you know of?

Sorry that there is no this chart . You can see the LiPo Rider Pro specification , the max putIn voltage 6.5V,and max putIn current 600mA can support all size of Solar Panel on our web.