Lipo Rider Plus 5V Won't Stay On

I’m powering a raspberry pi zeroW with the lipo rider plus. I have a 3.7V battery connected to it and have soldered wires from the 5V output pins to my raspberry pi’s 5V and GND pins. When I connect a USB-C cable to the lipo rider it seems to charge the battery and powers the pi. When I disconnect the USB-C cable, the pi reboots as the 5V supply is interrupted. I’ve seen this issue mentioned in other posts here. While that is annoying, it is something I can live with. However, the 5V output keeps turning off every few seconds when running off the battery. The pi just continually reboots, with the 5V turning on and off every few seconds. I have confirmed that the battery is charged and is outputting ~3.7V

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So is it this one? what are the battery spec’s ?

The Lipo Rider Plus from Seeed is not only a Fast Charger but also a Strong 
PowerBoost, supports up to 5V/2A charging current, boost output integration, output up to 5V/2.4A, can also output 3.3V /250mA. 
The 3.3V output is normally on, and the "5V output supports IO control or manual switch",
which means you can use 3.3V to supply power for a microcontroller and use the I/O of this
microcontroller to control the 5V output, totally programmable. 
the Lipo Rider Plus can charge the Lipo battery much faster, at the same time it can
provide strong power for the slave device. 

 Up to 5V / 2A charging current - USB Type C
 Up to 5V / 2.4A output current - USB Type A
 Provides 3.3V / 250mA output - Pin Header
 Support for shutdown output (IO control/manual switch)
 Onboard charge status indicator LED + Onboard 4-segment power indicator LED
 Ultra-small 2.5cm*4.1cm
 Single-layer layout easy mount.

Even at 2.4A I’m not buying it, to power the pi stably/ Oh , it’s a PI zero… ok then that should work?
, Have you measured the Current?
3.3v @ 250 ma. not going to power much IMO.
What’s the goal here?
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are you using the 5V control portion?