Lipo rider and Servo


I am making a small robot with 2 wheels powered by standard continuous servos. I want to be able to have batteries charged on site without having to take them out of the robot for charging and I thought about using a Lipo battery charged through a solar panel and/or wall charger.

I read the specs of the lipo rider and it says that it only provides 5v at 350mA. I understand that servos may use more than 1A at peak. Is it possible to drive a servo with the lipo rider and maybe a super capacitor? If it is possible, what super capacitor should I buy (5.5VDC 0.47F would be fine?)?
Is there any other solution in order to use the lipo rider for servo power or another option for in place charging?

Thanks in advance.

We will release a Lipo Rider Pro, it can supply 1A current.
Please wait a bit.



I saw that the new Lipo Rider Pro was available and I just bought one.
I still have a concern about servo current peaks.
What happens if I plug one or two servos to the Lipo Rider Pro and they draw more than 1A?
Would a capacitor be enough to protect the Lipo Rider Pro? In that case, what capacitor should I buy?
Sorry for all the questions but I am not an expert in electronics.

Thanks in advance.