Linux Driver for Xiao

Is there a Linux driver for the XIAO device? My Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t see the device and I have USB 3 support installed.

Did you installed the Seeed SAMD Boards in Arduino IDE? if not please try that , you can find the documentation here


The system needs to be set up when Linux installs the arduino IDE.Did you do this operation?


The first problem was a bad USB3 cable. The next issue was a permissions problem. All’s well now. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. I see CircuitPython is now available for this board. Now I have to figure out how to push a UF2 bootloader to the chip so I can get python on-board.
Again, thanks for the responses.

Yes…That was the permissions issue! I’ve screwed this up more than once!

Hi, @dpcons Did you solve the issue with permissions ?

Sorry…yes. I just say this comment today.