linkit7688 file system corruption and libmraa

HI All,

Having developed code and designed a commercial product using dozens of embedded linkits, I am facing a problem where the file system corrupts.

Lots of 0 byte random files start appearing and eventually will not boot.

I am using v0.8.2 boot loader and V0.9.4 firmware (kernel 3.18.23), my application is in c and uses libmraa for fast (~1MHz) I/O control.

I have added hardware that powers off when I halt (as reboot clear I/O).

The corruption occurs with or without running off an SD card.

I have attempted to migrate to using LEDE, but it does not seem possible to get libmraa working as there seems to be version incompatibilities.

I am hoping someone has solved these problems

I am also chasing full source code (i.e. including the source for the libmraa that comes with the board)

Thanks in advance.

Andrew McMeikan

Hi there,

Please try to submit a post on the mediatek will answer the questions. thanks.