LinkIt7688 + breakout board output so noisy audio

Based on Seeed Studio article ( … -7688.html ), I am trying to develop a audio speaker with Linkit7688 + breakout board.

However, I am facing a problem that output audio have terrible noise. Do you have any idea to solve it?
We try to play sound with LinkIt7688 + its breakout board. With aplay command, the board can play .wav file but sound has terrible noise.


  • hardware and firmware
    • LinkIt Smart 7688 + Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688
    • bootloader / firmware is not changed from default
    • connected speaker via 3.5mm jack
  • Sound file
    • Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 22050 Hz, Mono
    • sound file is set on LinkIt7688 local ( not streaming use case)
  • command

    aplay foobar.wav

Please see attachment. You can hear the noise during audio play

We tried to change audio cable, speaker and wav file but we cannot remove the noise. Should we change software and/or hardware to play audio clearly? (6.11 MB)


It seems that the on board flash has a limited speed, could you use SD card to save your music and try again?

Please try “aplay -M ***.wav”.

Thank you for your reply!!

with -M option, it works well :smiley: :smiley: