LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo Poweroff problem

When i do a poweroff at the console, the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo, just reboots.
If i know I want to power it off, how can I do it when it just reboots. Correct me if I am wrong, but I though a Linux environment needs the shutdown to keep the files from being corrupted before you remove the power.

I have the same problem. After power off I have issues with OpenWrt.
Please give to us an answer


Please use poweroff -h command to shutdown OpenWrt based systems. BTW, these OpenWrt systems are resilent to power-off.

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One issue we are having is that if power is lost to a board which is connected to a busy WiFi access point, the chance of a file system corruption is 50/50 requiring a reflash of the eprom using a USB stick. Since this is the same OpenWRT as used in commercial routers that never have power loss file system corruption, I am wondering what I can do to avoid this situation. If the board required a micro SD card to operate properly, and had a version of OpenWRT that did not write to the eprom, that would likely avoid any possible corruption. Looking for a solution that doesn’t require additional circuitry to aid in a clean shutdown on power loss. Thanks, Shannon Bailey of ( and (

Hi, I am facing similar problem with multiple Linkit Smart Duo boards. If the board is connected to a network and there is a power reset, it sometimes fails to boot up next time. The LED glows constantly and firmware has to be reflashed.

Is there a fix for this? because most of our applications require Power Fail Safe.

Looking forward for your kind support. Thank You

Hi, I have a lot of problems too. also on me on many modules the orange led remains on. the firmware must be recharged. is there a solution? thank you