LinkIt SDK (for Arduino) 1.0.42 is released!!!

Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that LinkIt SDK 1.0.42 is now available. This is primarily a bug-fix release, and it addresses some of the most common issues reported by you on the forums, including the custom APN setting issue of LGPRS and a memory leak issue in LSMS.

To upgrade your SDK, download it from the “SDK Intro” page, unzip it, and execute the installer to install it again to your Arduino IDE path. Then upgrade the firmware of your LinkIt ONE development board, following the instructions in the Developer’s Guide.
Details of the bugs fixed in this release are as follows:

LinkIt SDK 1.0.42


  • Correct “arduino.h” to "Arduino.h”
    Symptom: When you compile on a file system that is case-sensitive, you get compilation errors indicating a header file is missing.
    Fixed: The include path is now correct, even on case-sensitive file systems.

  • Fix an issue that causes functions srand() and rand() to return incorrect values.
    Symptom: rand() fails to return random numbers.
    Fixed: srand() and rand() now work as expected and generate random numbers.


  • Fix GPRS can’t use custom APN issue [MAUI_03523109]
    Symptom: LGPRS.attachGPRS(custom_apn, …) does not work if LGPRSClient is instantiated before calling LGPRS.attachGPRS().
    Fixed: LPGRS.attachGPRS() now works as expected, regardless of whether LGPRSClient is instantiated or not.


  • Fix resource leak cause by the LUDP class [MAUI_03524187]
    Symptom: LinkIt ONE UPD function may stop working when there are multiple LUDP instances created.
    Fixed: Now you can declare LUDP instances in local scope.


  • Input parameter of write no longer restricted to multiples of 2.


  • Changed the initial analogWrite() accuracy of underlying PWM from 16Hz to 1.6KHz, to increase compatibility with existing shields.


  • Fix incorrect value returned by LSD.available() [MAUI_03524134]
    Symptom: After being called more than 3000 times, LSD.available() always returns fail, even it is actually available.
    Fixed: LSD.available() now returns a correct result.

Download here: … 5fd82507eb
Origin Page here:

If you want to update the SDK, you should update the firmware in LinkIt ONE as well. … are_Update