Linkit One WiFi to Adafrut LED matrix

I have been working on a project to connect the Linkit one to an LED matrix. I wanted to bring up a simple webpage and change the text on the led matrix I found the adafruit LED matrix (url omited) a good fit for what I wanted.
The first step was to get the LED matrix working with the new Arduino IDE. in order to use the matrix library I needed to modify it. In the Arduino 1.5.8 beta IDE they have changed some of the AVR libraries, with the help of this site (url omited) I figure out in needed to add const in front of the font.

file glcdfont.c

#include <avr/pgmspace.h> #ifndef FONT5X7_H #define FONT5X7_H // standard ascii 5x7 font const static unsigned char font[] PROGMEM = { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, <Rest of file omitted>

Now that I have the LED matrix working it is time to connect the Linkit one. First thing to note is that the Linkit One is 3.3v and the led matrix is 5v. so I needed to find a level shifter I had a TXS0108EPWR so I tried that first, it did not work I think it was that it would not allow enough power through to power the LED matrix, However it is possible that I wired it up wrong. I ordered a 74HCT245 I wired it up with the help of this site (url omited) I modified it a little not using the resistor on the 5v side and it worked. I found that I needed to run the 5v from an external source the Linkit One can’t provide enough power for all 4 panels on its own.
After getting the adafruit LED matrix working I moved on to the wireless piece. I started with the Network scan example and added the code to join the AP code. I added a text box in a web form in order to change the LED Matrix text. Future enchantment may include displaying the IP address on the LED matrix
Now I can browse to the webpage and change the message. I would like to have the LED matrix show the IP address at startup. However I’m still working on the string conversion form the IPAddress class to the LED Matrix.

Apparently I can’t post url’s yet I will edit the post or add a comment when I can.
If you have any thoughts feel free to comment below.

Thanks for sharing! This is really a very good application :smiley:
You can post it you Recipe as well, then more people can benefit from.
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Thanks for sharing! This is really a very good application

Awesome Brian, can you update here when you get a chance?