LinkIt ONE uploading problem

I cannot repeat getting starting instructions.
I have installed everything, but than I uploading blink example it goes on like this: compiling the code…OK, Uploading starts, a few seconds, then progress-bas dissapears, IDE keeps on print message “Uploading” and nothing else is happening. It cannot complete uploading and no leds are blink.
I have Windows 7(x86), 1.0.29 SDK version, updated firmware and Arduino 1.5.7. I double checked the switches and everything is just fine, except the final step with uploading.
In attachments I added the screen of IDE. It’s in Russian. There written: “Uploading…”. No progress bar, no blinking.
How can I fix it?

Problem fixed. I just installed complete IDE version from GitHub and reinstalled the driver. Link for this repository I found in LinkIt ONE wiki. It’s working stable now.