Linkit One Stops Sending data through GPRS

I am using Linkit One with GPRS enabled SIM CARD to send data(Values of Grove Sensors attached to Linkit one board) for every 2 minute.It works fine for Some Hours but the Linkit One stops sending data after 2-3 hours.And it needs to be restarted(by pressing Reset key) for again making it work.

anyone knows what is the issue?
is it something wrong with SIM card(GPRS/network issue) or its board issue.

8 Grove sensors provided by Seeed Studio -

Carbon Dioxide,
Multichannel Gas sensor(CO,NH3,NO2),
and Humidity Sensor.

for more details about project refer:
Open_env_EMK_setup_SIM.rtf (11.8 KB)


Please make sure you are using stable SDK and not beta releases. If the issue still persist, please post your query in MediaTek LinkIt ONE Forum.

Thanks for writing to us.

But code(Sketch) is uploading in Linkit Successfully and it shows Sending the data to server on Serial monitor.

Do you really think its SDK issue?Because the device stops sending data after 2-3(Working-Sends data) hours.


Let us try to isolate the issue. If we understand you correcly, only the GPRS function fails but other things like the Serial print etc… works ?


Ok let me elaborate the problem.
After uploading the Code the device starts sending data and we can see it in Serial monitor.After Checking on serial monitor I unplug the device from USB port of PC and power it up using external supply(Wall Supply) through Mobile Charger(output-5V 650mA).Through external power supply the device works fine for 2-3 Hours and after that it does not send the Data through GPRS.After pressing RESET it starts for while and again the same issue(Stops after some type).

I hope this explanation clears the problem i am having.

Thanks for replying.

Thanks for providing details. Could you please prepare a test code along with your regular routines to see if the MCU is functioning when GPRS fails – Like LED blinking code after executing your loop. This way, we would come to know if it is GPRS issue or complete freeze. This code should work while powering from external 5V DC.

Warm Regards.

Ok so here is what i have done-

I am calling blink fuction(LED blinking 10 times with very small delay 100us) for each sensor function so as to get idea of whether each sensor function is getting called or not.

After that devices sends data through Json via GPRS.
After this GPRS function i have called another Blink10 function(with delay of 1 sec)
So now i can distinguish where the program is?

I have uploaded the code to 2 devices.i haven’t had any problem yet.when it will stop sending data.i will see Whether LED is blinking or not? and will let you know

Thanks for this good suggestion.

Hey viswa,
One device out of those two whom i had programmed(with LED blinking code) stopped sending Data.But after observation it seems that MCU isn’t frozen because LED is still blinking but data isn’t available at the server and even TX RED LED also glows for a while,But doesn’t transmits data.

now still the question comes…
where is the problem?


It seems to be the SDK problem. Can you post this problem on MTK forum here.
Philip from MTK suggested to review it and send you a new beta SDK for test.