LinkIt ONE SDK for OSX


I was finally able to upload a sketch!

1- I could flash the new firmware by pressing the RST button in the board several times, while clicking once on the green button of the FirmwareUpdater. It’s a bit of hit-and-miss but at some point it worked.

2- To upload a sketch select the port “/dev/cu.usbmodem1423” as shown in the pic (I’m not sure why, but the port showed up with the switch of the Linkit to “MS” but then I can still upload sketched when it’s set to “UART” mode)

3- To watch the serial monitor, select the other port “/dev/cu.usbmodem1421 (LinkIt ONE)” and then open Arduino’s serial console.

Will now try to play with the GPRS modem to connect to

No chance to install that driver.

I use OSX 10.10.3.

I enable Dev Mode (like the readme.txt says).

Then I start the mpkg. It seems to run fine, writes files, etc. but in the end there is always an error message.

“The installation failed.
The installer encountered an error that caused …”

Got it to work!

Upload works. You just need to press the reset button on the Linkit after every upload.

I used the alternative cdc acm drivers from here: … yosemite-2

Please DO NOT follow the instructions here, as they are outdated. PLEASE follow the instructions on the official MediaTek Labs site:

A Link would be nice.

The OFFICIAL site for LinkIt ONE SDK for Arduino on Mac OS X is