Linkit one drivers and documentation

i need linkit one documentation and drivers.
documentation and drivers this link onen but inside this page other links are not open, like documentation and drivers

from where i download drivers and documents

The MediaTek Labs, in charge of the development of the LinkIt boards, has closed. The website and part of the files are available at the MediaTek Labs GitHub repositories.

id didnt find linkit one board/drivers and documentation
can u send me direct drivers link

Litchee/LinkIt-ONE-IDE: Arduino IDE for LinkIt ONE. ( Hope this could help

i have a linux machine
i cant run .exe file
can any body help me.

hello, do you have a repository with a more current arduino version? a 1.6 or 1.8, I am implementing libraries that are not compatible with 1.5 Thx

I’m looking for the MacOS BM CDC ACM driver, and mentioned in [1], so I can at least communicate with the Aster Watch EVB. The driver is not in GitHub - MediaTek-Labs/ Archive of . Does anyone have a copy? I realize this is a long shot, but maybe someone copied it for posterity.

[1] bluetooth - Sketch Upload to LinkIt ONE Timeout - Arduino Stack Exchange