LinkIt Bluetooth stop accepting connections after half hour

I have a sample LinkIt BT sketch that waits for a connection and then serves it.
full sketch in attached pdf (cannot upload .ino or .txt)

void loop() {
if (!LBTServer.connected()) {
Serial.println(“BT not connected wait for connection”);
// waiting for Spp Client to connect
// bool connected = LBTServer.accept(1); // fails to connect after <1hr
bool connected = LBTServer.accept(5); // fails to connect after <1hr
if (!connected) {
Serial.println(“No connection request yet”);
// don’t do anything else
} else {
… rest of loop

This code stops accepting connections after about 30mins or less
Also after this time the LinkIt will not pair either.
testlinkit.pdf (47.1 KB)