LinkIt based products


Does anyone know if Seed Studio has any upgrade paths for people to use the software we write for the LinkIt in custom boards?

Is there a process to develop an actual product based on the LinkIt One? Or am I expected to buy a full LinkIt board every time?


SeeedStudio offer their professional services with regards to building a custom board based on the LinkIT ONE prototype.
Once you’ve finalized your prototype with the required hardware and software - they can streamline and eliminate any parts that are not required in the final production.

Perhaps you can engage them further - as this is a Forum it may not be immediately visible - however if the request is sent as an email - I’m sure someone will get back to you.

By the way - what are you working on?

Hi, there’s a core board for mt2502A(which LinkIt ONE used), please refer to here: … th=122_142

It’s suit for build your own product and will come soon.