Linkit 7697 for Arduino IDE

The link to Mediatek to get the board manager for Linkit 7697 has disapeared

does anyone have the package archived, also the link to mediatek server is no longer active so cannot add to preferences board manager

does anyone know how to add without this step.

also if anyone has info on linkit one and linkit connect 7681

Seed Technical support, if you are watching i like your products, but it really makes me sad when i buy stuff and cant find the info to use it even after eos

Hi, I’m very sorry for the bad experience you had. We use MediaTek’s modules, including the package archived you need are developed and provided by MediaTek. We are currently unable to find the relevant information, you may need to contact MediaTek’s technical support to find it, sorry again.

Thanks, i currently do not have any contacts at Mediatek… could you reach out to them? let me know if i can help