Link to New Battery Chassis Schematic does not work

The download link to the New Battery Chassis Schematic on the Wiki doesn’t work. And the Schematic Online Viewer also doesn’t work. Can someone fix the link.

Hi ralphjy

I solve the problem, the wiki will sync after 1 to 2 hours.
you also can use this link to download it
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Hi Fenyi,

The link now works, but there are a couple of problems.

First, it doesn’t appear to be a ZIP file. I was able to open it using 7zip as a RAR file.

Second, I looked at the PDF and it appears that it is not the NEW schematic. It does not show the Battery Fuel Gauge IC.


Hi ralphjy
sorry, the link should is this:

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Thanks …

Thanks @0hotpotman0
But the problem is not solved yet!

Hi blizzard

I have been tried on other PC, all are working, please make sure your software is work or you try other PC or redownload it.

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Need a new version of Winrar to open the file.

I cannot get the example sketch to work. The BQ27441 is not found on the I2C BUS. Other I2C devices like the BMP280 do work, but not the BQ27441.