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I have a Grove line finder 1.1 sensor attached to Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Grovepi+. It recognizes black line only if I place it driectly on the surface, unless (if it is more than 1mm away) it can be used only to mark a depth. (It mark as black if we have approx. more than 15cm differece in the surface ~ like a stairstep, or edge of the table.)

It is said to be adjustable however I have no idea how to adjust it.

Can you, please, help me?

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I’m sorry for that the adjusting pin of this module is not available.

Does it mean that my sensor will work this way and I have to accept it, or are there any chance to perform proper work with a proper code?

Hello Folks!

The question is this:

My grove line finder sensor V1.1 recognise black only if I place the sensor directly to a black surface. On the attached card it is stated that the effective distance is 0,1-5,5 cm.

Is my sensor damaged? Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you!

OK!Problem sooved!

There is an adjusting potentimeter like at the Infrared Reflective Sensor, just it is not mentioned in the manual.

Everyithing works fine.