light switch with grove xbee carrier


I want to do a wireless light switch, but i don’t know from where to begin.

I would like to use the Grove Xbee Carrier ( ). If there is simpler way, please notify me.

I have 220 V in the light switch. Can the relay handle that power for long periods of time ? If not, what relay should i use ?

Also, since Grove and Xbee need power, can i somehow wire them to get power from the wires of the light switch ? I guess i need an adaptor or something since Grove needs only 3.3v - 6v. I dont want to use a battery or something, because the XBee drains a lot of power and i would need to change the battery weekly or so.


Anyone, any ideea … pleaseeeeee :frowning:

Is this a very hard question ? … i am still searching on the internet with no success