Library for Touchscreen

Just wondering can the library for the touchscreen be changed, like adding different functions in the header file

Dear customer,

Yes, if your code is correct and not conflict with base code that should be OK.

Ok, Thanks for the info

Because it is possible that the library could be changed “officially” - that is, fixes, additions, etc made to the original source file - you would be better off creating your own library that builds on it, but in a separate file. You have to think what would happen if they DID update the library file. The answer is: you would have to identify all of your changes, then apply them to the new library.

Another approach is to make all of your changes, perhaps with a comment like // MYCHANGE so that it is easy to move your changes to the new library. But as a former software engineer, I would go with my own extension library, especially if you ever want to share your mods with anyone else.

Thanks for all the info re-writing the library to suit yours needs would be the best route.

I don’t think rewriting the library is the best approach. I think writing a library that subclasses the original class to add your own functions or extensions is a better approach, unless the original library has too many problems to be used in this way, and most of the time that is not the case.