Li-Po Rider: how do you unplug the battery safely?


This question might sound stupid but I have encoutered several circuits with JST sockets and the Li-Po Rider is the first one I see with such ones, in beige color and so rigid. I have plugged a LiPo cell into it and now I can’t unplug it.

I am a bit afraid to destroy the connector, so any suggestion on how to do it smoothly would be welcome.

Thank you in advance.


I suggest you to plug and unplug the JST connector quickly and repeatly to make the connector more smoother.Then maybe you will find it more easier to unplug it.

Wish you good luck!

Sure but to achieve this I should first be able to unplug it once in the first place.

I tried to insert a small screwdriver between the top of the plug and the socket. However, this trick, which functions on more flexible JST sockets, broke the top of the socket on the Li Po Rider because it’s quite rigid. :imp:

Therefore I suggest to use more flexible JST sockets for future updates of this product.