Legacy BIOS Boot? Secure Boot? (X86J4105)


does the X86J4105 supports Secure Boot and/or Legacy Bios Boot?

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Hi @Lausch

It is not supported now, but it can be supported. If this is a demand we will consider further develop this and update into BIOS.

Thanks for you feedback :smiley:


thanks for your response.

i just got my first two devices and as i can see, CSM is supported, secure boot is not…

this is an amazing hardware.
i see it have CSM & UEFI & TPM v2 on board…

too bad there is no secure boot… makes the tpm chip “almost” useless for me :frowning:

no idea how i could secure this device for “kiosk/embedded” use.

aslong “you” can easly play with the bootloader or boot your own os, it make it too easy to break.

this device have all ive dreamed for, expect this “small” thing, that nowadays almost every basic home computer offers and also so many other SBCs…

i really dont understand why yours does not?!



Hi @Lausch

Thanks for the feedback, i will refer this back to our team. The secure boot can be upgraded via BIOS.

thank you!

yes i know, it would be awesome if you could provide a bios update for this (asap).

i dont know how much work is it for you. but if you could do it i would be extremely happy to use the hardware for my latest kiosk, as i could secure it pretty well using secure boot, tpm and tcg opal drives.

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I would like it if legacy boot was supported.

Odyssey supports CSM mode

Any news about Secure Boot support?

Hi @rgl

We have implemented the features in the new BIOS update but it is currently under some testing.

It will be released when the testing is done :smiley :smiley:

Nice! Let me know when/if you need me to beta test it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thats amazing, news! just about in time, i just spend so much time preparing and testing for a secure TPM + Luks-Setup. Hopefully the new Bios will be released soon so i can also add Secure Boot to the setup.



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