led module more than one

Is it possible to connect two led modules and control them independently?


Xadow LED controller in the mainboard uses only one I2C address so it is not possible to control two LED modules independently.


:frowning: so there is no way of changing code in the modules built-in microcontroller to change it’s address at all?

Please modify the firmware that runs on the Atmega168 to change the I2C address from seeedstudio.com/wiki/Xadow_- … #Resources

You would require an external ISP. Use the EAGLE files to check the footprints / connections for ISP pin. They are tiny due to form factor of Xadow.

Thank you.

What compiler would I use to recompile the code and can you recommend a programmer capable of writing to the chip via the pins?



Sorry for the delayed reply.Use Arudino ISP for programming and Arduino compiler.