LED issue

Hi everyone,

I have a little problem witch my DSO quad (hard v2.7) : the red LED stay on all the time, like I was charging my DSO. Connecting it to my computer or to another charger doesn’t change anything.

On the other hand everything seems to work properly : measures are OK, charging OK, signal generator OK, firmware update OK …

If someone has an idea, I reflash the FW and I studied the schematic but didn’t find something that could explain it.


Maybe chip U14 (LTC4054ES5-4.2) have failed. Desolder it and see if LED will not stay on.

Today I have replaced chip U14. Now DSO Quad works OK.

Hi and thanks for your reply,

After your post I have thought that could be the reason of my LED problem. Moreover, I remember that charging semmsed very quick, that confirms there is a problem with U14.

I desoldered it this morning and LED no more light except when the DSO starts (which is the good comportement).

I will order a new LTC4054 and I’ll tell you if it’s fixed :wink:

I finally received my LTC4054, replaced it aaaannndddd … it works !! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !

I have the same problem.
A new DSO Quad, just a few day of ussage and suddenly I noticed that the RED LED is always ON and drain the battery quickly. As I need the DSO as ppocket, battery driven Osciloscope, It is a big problem for me.
I think this should be a reason to replace the DSO at the reseller, what do you think?
(Another issue with the DSO, one probe has wrong connector from beggining and needs to be replaced)

I have a DS2032.7b (as listed on the PCB itself)

Is it still safe to use the unit “as normal” without the U14 / LTC4054?

Will the unit simply not charge, or are there other more perilous effects?

Considering the function diagram of the original component “UN8HX” that I found on the internet… You’ll have to google for “UN8HX” yourself as seeedstudios apparently blocks links.

I am assuming the only real effect is that it won’t charge…