Leaving... Hard resetting via RTS pin - WIFI apps hang

I loaded the blink program and boot - reset and it works. Any WIFI programs (Scan or connect) do not work. They do load to the board because I get the “Leaving… Hard resetting via RTS pin” message after upload. I am 4 feet from my router. Other non Seeed devices connect to WIFI. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, JD3

[UPDATE]: Even the Blink program will not output to the Serial Monitor. I added a Serial.println(“msg”) and nothing on Serial monitor, even though I get the blinking behavior. Am I missing a library?

[CORRECTION]: Blink program does output to Serial Monitor. Sorry to waste your time. here. JD3.

Hi there,
You need to still press reset on The Xiao after upload to get a clean start.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Note; you may not have to if you have sufficient delay after the serial begin to give the uarts time to go!
AND or use the while serial until you switch to monitor.

Thanks for the reply PJ! My problem was bigger than [reset]. I was trying to use without a 3v battery source - just the 5v from the USB. My bad for skipping the hookup documentation. CamWebServer software is working.

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