Leaf Maple (Cortex M3) rechargeable lipo battery?

I’m considering grabbing a Leaf Maple (Cortex M3) and the info page on this piece of hardware hints of a rechargeable lipo battery, saying

The problem is, there is no more information below. Looking at the limited images, or image of the device, I can see charging and charged LED indicators, and a connector, but that is basically it.

My question is, what is this battery’s part number? And if I may add off-topic, why is there only one image of the Leaf Maple (Cortex M3)? Is it very new?

I have been programming various Microchip PIC’s all my embedded life and never considered moving on or even laterally mind you, to a different embedded platform. But after tons of research, trial, and error, working to get the MCU’s to talk to each other in a network, I happened upon this device and decided it was time to broaden my horizons. The price is right, the features are incredible, and I don’t have to give up my massive bread board array because the devices I want to design around are bread board unfriendly.

Thank you for your time!