LCD parallel interface - mapping pins

Hi, Let’s say I have a parallel LCD and don’t want to use SPI to transfer images

Is there a way of mapping memory bits to GPIO pins in K210 (m1w) ?

What is the easiest way to do that - not using SPI serial transfer.

Can you reveal what register(s) controls the GPIO states please?

Does K210 have I2S that can do parallel transfering? If so - how?

Thanks so much!


which LCD module are you using?

From github:

(source: lib/drivers/include/gpio.h)

Ofs Name Description
0x00 data_output Data (output) registers
0x04 direction Data direction registers
0x08 source Data source registers
0x10 unused_0[9] Unused registers, 9x4 bytes
0x30 interrupt_enable Interrupt enable/disable registers
0x34 interrupt_mask Interrupt mask registers
0x38 interrupt_level Interrupt level registers
0x3c interrupt_polarity Interrupt polarity registers
0x40 interrupt_status Interrupt status registers
0x44 interrupt_status_raw Raw interrupt status registers
0x48 interrupt_debounce Interrupt debounce registers
0x4c interrupt_clear Registers for clearing interrupts
0x50 data_input External port (data input) registers
0x54 unused_1[3] Unused registers, 3x4 bytes
0x60 sync_level Sync level registers
0x64 id_code ID code
0x68 interrupt_bothedge Interrupt both edge type

(source: lib/drivers/include/gpiohs.h)

Ofs Name Description
0x00 input_val
0x04 input_en
0x08 output_en
0x0c output_val
0x10 pullup_en
0x14 drive
0x18 rise_ie
0x1c rise_ip
0x20 fall_ie
0x24 fall_ip
0x28 high_ie
0x2c high_ip
0x30 low_ie
0x34 low_ip
0x38 iof_en
0x3c iof_sel
0x40 output_xor

That’s all re unfortunately…

Just trying to figure out how to mask gpios with registers and to change output status for multiple pins