LCD not working - Same issue as others

I followed the basic guide on Eclipse Hello World and now I cannot get the LCD to work.

I have the VXP from the git - put it in the root of flash storage and still nothing.

Seems like the device is defective.
I have connected and reconnected near 50 times.

Can someone who works for Seeed assist with this issue (and all other users with same/similar issue).

I followed the guide and copied the .VXP file to the root - no work.
Reseated the connections many times - no work.

Thanks in advance.

in the root of your Rephone,
create a folder called (MRE), copy and paste the RePhone_Create_Kit_v6_4.vxp in the (MRE) folder.
in the root directory create a txt doc called autostart.txt and paste this inside