LCD drawing very slow

I’ve just been playing around with the Wio terminal and tried to port some of my ESP32 projects over to it. I’ve noticed that drawing to the screen seems to be very slow.

My code draws about 40 rectangles to the screen which seems to be taking more than 200ms.

Any suggestions on how to improve performance? Would drawing to an offscreen bitmap be faster?

Interestingly, I’ve found another library that performs really well rendering in about 30ms.

Found a similar problem when updating values displayed on LCD.
Overwriting old values with a filled rectangle takes a lot of time.
Faster is to remember the old value and overwrite it with white color text (if you have white background) before writing the new value.

Hey, maybe you can try another monitor? I have used TFT monitor, which is really a good monitor. Its function is very powerful. I believe it will solve your problem!