Latest mac drivers for BBGG development board


I have a new BeagleBone Green Gateway and I’m following the instructions here:

Step 2 is install drivers. For mac they give links for both ‘Network’ and ‘Serial’ drivers. Attempting to install either on my mac running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 results in:
“This package is incompatible with this version of macOS.”

I’m wondering if the serial one is even needed anymore because I do see a usb device show up as the following when it’s plugged in:

Regardless, all of the subsequent steps rely on connecting to it over ethernet which I’m assuming is accomplished via the network driver install.

Are there updated mac network drivers to install that are compatible with the instructions?

@jfradley I recommend you use the latest Image

Thanks @Baozhu. My BBG didn’t come with a micro SD card (though README documentation alludes that it would). I was planning on using just the onboard 4GB eMMC.

Is there anyway to update the eMMC flash without requiring a micro SD card?

Also, is there anyway to run from an OS mounted on my dev laptop? This old post from 2014 suggests maybe:

For development purposes, don’t use SDCards. Rather use NFS to mount a rootfs on your desktop