latest firmware for HW v2.82

I am debricking DS203, PCB v.2.82

Now I can find DFU v3.45C and load it to STM32.

It reports hardware ver. 2.81

Is it ok for PCB v.2.82?

Also I found:

FPGA ver 2.81

SYS ver. B164

APP ver. 1.13

Is that the latest FW releases?

According to the manufacturer (, hw 2.82 is just small layout difference from 2.81. You can use same software on both.

You are correct, APP 1.13 and SYS 1.64 are the latest stock software.

However there is newer DFU 3.46C with Mac support. Here is complete hex with DFU 3.46C, SYS 1.64, APP 1.13, FPGA 2.60

I also recommend to check out this custom firmware Wildcat 6.5 for hw 2.8x. He has made special FPGA to make DS203 more powerful.

As to why your 2.82 now shows as 2.81, I think part of memory in STM32 that has the HW version got changed somehow. You will need to search your dump for 322E3831 to find it. But its really a cosmetic issue with no effect on operation.

I have searched the hex above for 2.81 and its on Line 362: :10168000E0BD0000322E38310000000000000000F4

You can try change it to :10168000E0BD0000322E38320000000000000000F3 to display 2.82.

Thank you.

I thought HW version saved in HW.

can you share with us where you found the latest FIrmware files for the DSO203

my HW version is 2.81

Please post a link



Hello, do you have a new working link for the DFU 3.46C ? (possibly the whole package)
Thanks a lot!